Friday, July 1, 2011

We ARE a "Really Cool Website of the Month"

Thanks to United States Masters Swimming for choosing us as one of their, "Really Cool Websites of the Month"!! We're working hard to make this a great, useful website for our members. It just so happens that two other team submissions also had "Blue Wave" in their names too. Here's some of their mathematical findings...
This month, not only did we receive three submissions for RCWOM from different clubs across the country, but they all had "Blue Wave" in their names. We figured the odds of this happening were pretty low, so we asked a local math whiz to crunch some numbers for us. He told us that there was a 0.0000028% of this happening. We're taking this as a sign that either something really cool just happened, or that the teams with Blue Wave in their names are involved in a conspiracy of some sort.
--USMS Streamlines, July 2011

Thanks United States Masters Swimming for recognizing our club!!

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