Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Faster Freestyle Clinic: Karlyn Pipes-Nielsen

Join us in Murfreesboro for this GREAT clinic!!
*All coaches are invited to audit from deck for free!

Aloha! How would YOU like to Swim FASTER RIGHT NOW?

Let Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen of Aquatic Edge (www.aqauticedge.org) show you how!

Recently voted as one of the Top Ten Masters swimmers of ALL-TIME by Swimming World Magazine, Karlyn will be offering a series of clinics in the Southeast in early November. Hurry and sign up. karlyn has set over 200+ masters world records to date. She is equally as talented as an instructor and uses her high energy to deliver a fun and face paced clinic woven with personal experience. The drills and technique she teaches are simple, easy to
understand and makes total sense.

After all...aren't you tired of working so hard to swim so SLOW? Wouldn't you rather? swim faster with less effort and…
・ Improve your swim times…right away?
・ Relax, find your balance and not sink?
・ Effectively breathe in any condition?
・ Become more comfortable in the water?

Then an Aquatic Edge clinic is just for YOU.
・ Learn the techniques used by Karlyn, top triathletes and Olympians.
・ The teaching methods Karlyn uses are SIMPLE and easy to understand.
・ Training tips and recovery suggestions will also be provided

The reason why you get faster right away is because you are doing LESS, not more.

To register for all clinics, visit www.aquaticedge.org, or http://aquaticedge.org/registerNow.php, or snail mail your registration to the address listed on the form (download off of www.aquaticedge.org).

While you are on the site, please watch a FREE video of the FASTER FREESTYLE technique YOU WILL LEARN and share it with your friends.

Murfreesboro, TN:
Faster Freestyle Sunday, Nov. 6 1:00-4:00 PM
Pam Footit at pfootit@mtsu.edu

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